Stages of Chiropractic Care

Initial Intensive Care

Goal: to stabilize and/or eliminate obvious as well as clinical symptoms and geta grip on the subluxation or problem. Our first objective is to give you relief from any pain or discomfort you might be experiencing as quickly as possible. Sometimes this occurs within the first few adjustments, but this is the exception. Our patient records indicate the only about 20% of the patients we are able to accept, notice significant relief within these first visits. the remaining patients most often require a longer period of time due to the nature, severity and duration of their subluxation, as well as the amount of damage/degeneration. We remind you that it will take a minimum of 90 days to make any lasting change to your spine and nervous system. Just as braces can take a minimum of two years, we ask for your patience in this period of care.


Reconstructive/Corrective Care

Goal: Spinal reconstruction designed to correct vertebral subluxations that indicates the degenerative process can not only be slowed down and arrested, but also reversed. Your nervous system begins to function more efficiently and your health and vitality begin to return. That is our goal!


Maintenance Care

Goal: Optimum spinal and nerve function and generalized wellness. Maintenance care will help to ensure that the spine stays free of subluxations, and that you have your best chance at 100% health.